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There are so many fun DOODLEBATS that can be found online that you can actual turn into a cutting file to cut out on your Pazzles machine....I particularly love to get my DOODLEBATS from .... They offer a variety of fun and SAFE doodlebats. For this particular tutorial we will be using a DOODLEBAT set from Scrapnfonts called DB SWEET BABY....which happens to be a new doodlebat set. In this set, we will be working with the set called DB SWEET BABY CLOTHES. One other thing I wanted to mention is that you might hear others refer to DOODLEBATS as DINGBATS...I will be using the phrase DOODLEBAT in this tutorial.

Now before we can cut out a doodlebat within Pazzles, we first need to install one into your font can either do a search for doodlebats online; some will be free and some won;t... or you can download one from ...there is a fee for their fonts and doodlebats, but the charge is very a matter of fact at the time of this tutorial there is a special going on for just a $1.00 for a set of doodlebats...and these doodlebats are totally awesome and fun....

After you find one that you like, follow the directions they provide for you to download the doodlebat...After you download the doodlebat, you will have to install the doodlebat into your font directory..........

This is how I install a doodlebat or font into my font directory.....

I go into my CONTROL PANEL on my computer


and then this screen appears:

you will see your font folder on the left hand side at the top

Click on that and all the fonts that are installed on your computer will come up.

Next you will end up with this box below:

Now you will have to find that doodlebat that you just downloaded probably saved it in one of your document folders........after you find it, you will need to click on it under the folders side on the left..(double click) and then the doodlebat will appear in the LISTS OF FONTS...then hit okay.............exist out of all this and open up your Pazzles software....

Create a new document in your Pazzles. We want to do a 12 x 12 page size and then hit okay.

If the TIP OF THE DAY comes up, hit close......

Next you want to click on the PURPLE TYPE TAB:

Then you want to click on TRUETYPE section to see the list of fonts that are in your directory...Scroll down until you find the name of the doodlebat you installed

Now if you don't have a font program to be able to see what letter corresponds with each doodlebat, you will have to type in each letter once to see what doodlebat corresponds to the one you want....For the two projects that I want to show you, I used the letters F and I enter those letters in the TEXT part and then I hit OKAY.

As you can see they appeared at the bottom left of my new page.

With the little boxes still around the images, move the images to the middle of the blank page so that you can see them better and then with our pointer on one of the square dots enlarge the images.....

After making the images larger you will need to convert these doodlebats so that they can be cut out using your do that click on TEXT and then CONVERT TEXT TO PATH.

Now they are ready to cut out on your Pazzles, but you may need to do a bit of cleaning up..............some images might end up having double lines.

If you click on VIEW on the toolbar and then WIRE FRAME, your image should show you if there is double lines....looking at the picture below, you will see the images kind of have like a blue and red line to them...

There are double lines in the to remove the lines that you don't want to cut, just put your pointer on the edge of one of the images that you are trying to remove the lines and pull the line apart.

As you can see from the picture above, I removed another outer line of the bib and the can just delete these lines unless you want to cut out doubles....The same would have to be done with the dress..........The best way to learn all this would be to just remove lines and place them in different areas on the screen.....PRACTICE WILL PAY OFF and if you end up deleting something that you didn't want to delete, just hit the ORANGE ARROW can go back I believe it is about 20 times or so..........on this particular one, I am going to delete the red lines from the bib with the duck and a few of the red and blue lines on the dress and this is what I ended up with.....

Now I can either draw an imaginary box around all of the items and then use my pointer to enlarge the whole thing to cut out bigger or I can just start placing the different pieces on my screen in different areas so that I can put different colors of paper on my mat to paper piece the items.......Here are two finished projects... I actually used fabric to make the checkered dress...yes the Pazzles will cut fabric.....and I also printed some of the doodlebat faces from the DB BABY FACES to put on the can find the DB BABY FACES HERE.


One of the awesome things about the Pazzles machine is being about to just about turn any image into a cut file that you can get into your PAZZLES....There are many ways to get images into your Pazzles machine: Copy/paste, scanning, digital camera...just to name a few... here is a simple tutorial on turning an image that I got from online and turned it into a cutting file.

This cupcake image came from this link:

Click on the wording that states SEE FULL-SIZE IMAGE.....

Sometimes you will get a bigger image and sometimes not.....
This image didn't really change much.

Then right click on the cupcake and click COPY

Open up your Pazzles Software and click CREATE

click on 12 x 12 and then hit OKAY
Close out of the tip

Next click on EDIT at the top of your Tool Bar and then click on PASTE

Your image should be at the bottom left hand side of the page.....move it to the middle of the page using your mouse.

Next you want to click on AUTO TRACE ... on the right hand side of the page. will then get the VECTORIZATION BOX

Click on the 4 colored box....your pointer will turn into something like a black on your image.

You will then get a INTENSITY DETECT screen come up like below

Clicking on that 4 colored box makes your image turn black and can actually move the pointer (cursor) around in the black and white image to make sure that it is fully black and white....if it is not exactly fully black and white, move the first slider on the LOW row left to right....left will make it get whiter while moving it right will make it darker...for this project, you do not need to move it at all.........just hit OK.

After you hit OK...
Go back to the VECTORIZATION section and hit the first wand:

Click the wand on your cupcake image and you will get a box that tells you it is vectoring/working .........once it has vectored, you will get your cutting file to the right of the first image.

Put your pointer over the first image and click can click delete on your keyboard.

Now holding down your left side on the mouse, draw an box completely around the new image.....this will make sure the whole image is selected..............

Then go up to your tool bar the way, I should have mentioned that when I say tool bar, I am referencing the image below:

Go up to the tool bar and click on SHAPE.....we are checking to make sure that the entire image is not grouped and it isn't because looking at the picture below the BREAK GROUP AND BREAK ALL are not highlighted...if they were highlighted, you would have to click on the BREAK GROUP to ungroup the image.....the reason we ungroup is so that we can cut the pieces of the image individually and move the pieces anywhere on the screen....

Okay now that all of the pieces are not grouped, your cupcake has a frame around it, you want to click on the frame if it isn't already clicked on and press delete, there will be another thinner frame still around the cupcake, delete that as should be left with just the cupcake

Now what I like to do is first place a box around my whole image....(left click and draw a box around it)...and then having my pointer (cursor) on one of the edges around the box make the cupcake the size I want it to cut out at....if we leave this one as is, it would cut out really small.....then I like to color in the pieces........

To color in the pieces, click on pieces of your image and then go to your COLOR box and put your pointer on the color you want and click on it....

But for this tutorial, lets leave the cuts black......but lets move the two pieces in different sections of the page so that you can place different color paper on the matt....see I have both cut pieces at the top, one on the left and the other on the when I place the paper on the matt, I can put one color on the left side of the matt and another color on the right side of the matt.....

Place your paper selections on the matt.....put matt into the Pazzles.....

Click CUT PROJECT to the right in green.......depending on the type of paper you are using, scroll down to see what would be best for your paper....I mostly use light weight paper....then click CUT PROJECT.....

Here is a finished cut out cupcake......


Some of you wanted to know how to get different TrueType fonts into the Pazzles for cutting

Well first of all, you have to install the font into your font folder in your computer...You can normally find this by going to MY COMPUTER and then CONTROL PANEL ......after you install the font, it should then be listed in the TRUETYPE section in your Pazzles machine...........Remember when you click TYPE, you will see two different fonts.....the ones that came with your PAZZLES and the ones that are installed on your computer....see pictures below:



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Sharon Caudle said...

WOOHOO!!! Thanks for the links Regina!!

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Thanks Regina I copied all of them
Now to play with this machine.


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Oh thanks for the links....I'm off to look now!!!

Kate said...

Absolutely wonderful!! Thanks for the GREAT tip will help a bunch!

buster said...

I just got my pazzles yesterday and I followed your tutorial this evening and cut my cupcake out and it turned out really well.
Thank you so much for sharing. You have opened up a whole new world for me. As I am new to scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Shirley said...

Oh thank you so much Regina for
this tip on the pazzles. I looked
at it today and thought about selling her. This just inspired me
again to deal with her. I called
it a her because she gives me
such attitude. LOL

Shirley B.

5eizen said...

Does the Pazzle Creative Cutter Inspiration cut thick fabric (e.g. wool, felt)? If so, what is the maximum thickness can it cut? Do the fabric need to be glued onto a paper before using the machine to cut? Or can the fabric be fed into the machine?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Miss Mike said...

What an amazing tutorial! Thanks so much for posting this and taking the time to create it. You answered so many questions I had about using doodlebats.

Mary Leeson said...

Just found this tutorial and I loved it. I'm wondering if you know if anyone has one like this for the Cricut Impressions since I don't have (or heard) of a Pazzell. Thanks for your help and God bless you much for you big heart of sharing!

kellygrl27 said...

I have this page in my favorites. it amazes me everytime, how easy you make this. You're the best!